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3-D printed ventilator

UC San Diego engineers and doctors team up to retrofit and 3-D print ventilators

Students, staff and faculty are addressing one of the key challenges of COVID-19 outbreak.

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Man's hand on cardboard box

Study reveals how long COVID-19 remains infectious on cardboard, metal and plastic

Research suggests that people may acquire the coronavirus through the air and by touching contaminated surfaces.

Census tile yellow

Students: Here’s why YOU should fill out the census

Fill out the census online or by phone and make sure you are counted, no matter what is going on in the world.

syringe and vials of medicine

UC Health launches clinical trials to assess antiviral drug for COVID-19


Man with a mask in an airport

How different societies react to pandemics

In examining how different cultures reacted to the threat of Ebola, scientists gain insight into xenophobia around COVID-19.

Illustration of the coronavirus

UCLA Anderson Forecast announces arrival of 2020 recession in revision of earlier forecast

The recession is likely to be more severe in California than for nation overall.

Farmworkers in a field in Georgia

Coronavirus response a ‘vast experiment’ that’s changing U.S. workplaces

The health crisis is having a dramatic impact on millions of healthy Americans, too.

People walking on a busy street

Why experts are urging social distancing to combat coronavirus outbreak

The virus is already in our communities, so the focus now is to reduce the damage from the disease.

Drive by testing: a doctor outside a car window

On the front lines of developing a test for the coronavirus

A virus testing lab director explains how the US fell behind in the need for broad coronavirus testing.

Ibuprofen pills in someone's hand

Popular painkiller ibuprofen affects liver enzymes in mice

Ibuprofen may have more significant effects on the liver than previously thought, new research says.

Doctor being interviewed outside a hospital

University of California hospitals launch in-house coronavirus testing as US shortage continues

David Ardell

Researchers forge a new weapon to fight parasites and other infections

‘It’s a first step toward fulfilling the promise of the genomics era to inform how we combat disease,’ lead researcher says.

Saqqara, an ancient burial ground

Walking through ancient Egypt with 3-D technology

Elaine Sullivan takes a fresh look at the ancient Egyptian burial site of Saqqara with some tantalizing new tools.

Eric Perez in an office

A student-veteran helps at-risk teens overcome the gang culture mindset of hating ‘the other.’

smiling couple sitting on couch

Feeling anxiety about coronavirus? A psychologist offers tips to stay clearheaded

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A vet tech holds a dog while a student looks on

UC Davis claims top world ranking in veterinary science

Dr. Daniela Bota with a patient

Dr. Daniela Bota’s pioneering work is improving outcomes for patients with the most aggressive form of the disease.

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